Friday, July 6, 2012

Love is the only true adventure

said a glossy advertisement. But the line struck a chord with me, and an old schoolmate of mine elaborates the truth in it:

Thought Catalog: The Risky Business of Love, by Donna Shute

Meanwhile, I'm posting at 2am because my goal is to stay awake until 3am, when I can be off-call.  My fingers are crossed I don't get called into work in the next 60 minutes.  Staying home tonight was a little surprise.  Most usually the hospital floats extra staff to other units rather than putting them on-call.  The patient census must have stayed really low today.

So me and the mister have been up watching all the BBC "Sherlock" episodes available on Netflix.  At this point, he has had all the British wit he can handle for one night.  I think he couldn't decide between staying up with me and going to bed, so now he's sleeping at my feet in front of the sofa.

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  1. Does Netflix have Season 2 of Sherlock? We saw Season 1 a while ago and loved it.