Thursday, July 12, 2012

At last

It took a while to get these pictures back, but I think I'm enjoying them more now that a few weeks have past. I'm so grateful for everyone who joined us that day. Thank you! 

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(This was my inspiration:)

St. Paul's Catholic Church

Our Palestrina choir

Baby Squale cupcakes with love from Meredith and Karlie

Many thanks to Mary, Aunt Cynthia, Gaylene, Mary R., and Theresa for making the place so beautiful!

Mary McGuire made all our bouquets

compliments of dad's chainsaw

overlooking Pensacola Bay

How the candy table started . . .

 . . . how it ended.

why wedding cake when you can have key lime pie?

Our godfathers

I don't think you can fit any more good looks into this picture

a rough but lively Virginia Reel

All 654 pictures here from Barrett McClean

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  1. love them all, liz! also- srsly- you have to temp me with 600 more?!?! because I WILL go look at them...must... pull.... myself... away... until later!!

    love you guys! hopefully we will see you soon!