Monday, June 25, 2012

Honey Moon over Wetumpka, Alabama

I told someone we honeymooned in Wetumpka and she said sympathetically "Oh well, you can always take a real trip sometime later." I was like "no! You don't understand. It was the perfect place." Perhaps some people just can't mentally accept the suggestion of Alabama as a prime getaway, which is unfortunate.

Initially, we weren't expecting a honeymoon trip at all.  When we got engaged, I had yet to move down from Virginia and had not sought out a new job here.  I knew I'd be new wherever I ended up, and with too little time to earn PTO, vacation hours, etc.  Thankfully, when I did start another job, my new manager graciously offered me the week off after the wedding.  It wasn't paid time off, but I was just happy for permission not to work for a few days and take a breather.

Then, my in-laws' long time neighbors gave us a really sweet surprise.  They offered us their lake house in Wetumpka, just north of Montgomery.  We were both mentally and physically exhausted at that point. Outfitted with a dock, a grill, and a hammock, we couldn't ask for more. It was peaceful, and it was perfect.  I don't know how or why couples plan big overseas adventures for their honeymoons. 

The 'Arctic Island' floating cooler. Awesome.

Meeting the locals.

And in between his leisure reading and cigars, my husband grilled the best, melt-in-your-mouth steak.

morning coffee on the lake

leftover wedding flowers
We took a day trip to Fort Toulouse (I married Andrew Jackson's biggest fan) and packed a picnic.

The Coosa River: it gave Wetumpka its name, "Tumbling Waters"

We didn't want to leave. Ever.

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