Friday, January 6, 2012

This strep is on fire

I actually found this on, yep. Wouldn't it look just lovely over the parlor sofa?

Earlier this week, I woke up in the morning to a shock. Someone had stolen my cervical lymph nodes and replaced them with goose eggs. Goose eggs on fire. Pretty soon, the rest of my body was burning too.

Now, the significant thing about January 1st is that it so happens to be the first day I was without health insurance from my old job.

The new year greeted me with Strep throat. Welcome 2012!

After 5 days of gargling salt water and taking it easy, I hadn't fully kicked the bug. So I caved in this evening and saw one of those a doc-in-the-box's.

 + Streptococcus. Yay. At least I felt vindicated for dropping $100 on the office visit. AND Publix gives away free antibiotics. Who knew? Free Cephalexin!

Could be worse. But what sucks is that I've had to quarantine myself, and this would have been the perfect week to hang out with my honey before next semester starts and Virginia claims me for another month.

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