Saturday, October 22, 2011

A good float

my hottie canoing captain . . .

 On my last trip home we managed to squeeze in an over-nighter on the Blackwater river. It had been a long time since I'd done a canoeing-camping trip, and they had always been on Coldwater. 'Finally got to see the Blackwater which I've always heard about and is relatively close by. Apparently, "blackwater" is a particular designation for rivers colored by the tannins leached into the swamp by vegetation. Tannins just like in red wine, I wonder?

The guy who dropped Ryan and I off said we'd hear coyotes at night. I'm not sure if the dogs I eventually heard were coyotes or domestic, but they were howlin'. Louder than them, however, and coming through the woods was the rumble and roar of some big auto engines. Country roads must make for good racing on a Friday night.

flowers on a sandbar

Now, if only I'd foreseen this trip, I might not have let "Deliverance" be the last Netflix rental I watched. Nevertheless, the October weather was very obliging, and the worst I came out with was a sunburn and some bug bites.

roasting carrots and onions in tin foil. wish i had remembered salt and pepper for the steak.

breakfast, when neither of us were hungry . . .

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