Thursday, September 22, 2011

To tip or not to tip?

@ Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina: Despite some long layovers, I think this is my favorite airport. I love the rocking chairs and big windows. Not sure what to make of the ladies’ rooms though. Each bathroom has a designated attendant who keeps things clean, greets you upon entry, provides complementary Listerine among other items, and prominently displays a tip jar. What if I don’t want her mouthwash or other goodies? Just a toilet and sink. Should I tip? Sometimes I feel passengers are being taken advantage of—-just a little bit—-and getting guilt tripped into dropping some dollars. Is this a remnant of old world etiquette and goodwill or a plot to further extort  travelers  . . . after they’ve dropped $15 on a stale sandwich?

1 comment:

  1. I love that airport! That and Charlottesville, VA -- which is hardly an airport. I love the fact that my trips to visit Jill are always through those.
    I know exactly what you mean about the women in the restrooms. I hate to say I usually don't tip (and then feel guilty). Once the woman was really cheerful (but not in a fake annoying way) and I tipped her.
    But I don't know ultimately what I think about it. I like the fact that these people have a job.
    It reminded me of Italy, actually.