Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tasting the beltway, continued . . .

My roommate and I are on a very important mission: sample all of the Washingtonian's cheap eats.

Our most recent excursion was at the Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean Grill in Annandale, VA. It was about time to learn what Korean barbecue is all about.

The Honey Pig is a lively joint. Don't go there for a deep conversation or quiet meal--it's quite noisy. Their barbecue is really different from my understanding of barbecue. I think of a meat slow cooked over a low heat, like in a smoker or over coals. The Honey Pig's meat is cooked rather quickly and right before your eyes. There's a grill on every tabletop. I didn't quite figure out what to do with the lettuce leaves and all the little sauces served on the side. I tried making a wrap and it was just sloppy. But the food was good and it was a fun way to eat.

To the left: pickled vegetable (tasted like cabbage), grilled beef, raspberry wine, and scallion-seafood pancake.

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