Thursday, August 11, 2011



‘Just returned yesterday from a wonderful week in the Florida panhandle. Airports are great arenas for people-watching, particularly around the security screenings. From my cumulative travels over the past few years, I am fairly certain of two things. 1) TSA must be an equal opportunity employer;  2) TSA dress code is optional.

I wonder:  what are these TSA folks going to do to stop a gunman marauding through the airport? (That is, if they bother looking up from their cell phone texting?) Trip the invader with one of their supplemental oxygen hoses? Bump him down with a prego belly? Strangle him with their dreadlocks? Run him over with those adipose tires round their hips?

Granted, most of us have less than perfect physiques, myself included. But shouldn’t one be realistic about one’s career choice? I can accept that my body will never allow me a fashion career on the catwalk. So be it. Likewise, take a 45 year old obese woman. Maybe she’ll write the next Pulitzer Prize novel, or cure cancer . . . who knows? But being a TSA agent? Ought not.

P.S. and totally unrelated: Below is an awesome thunderstorm that rolled over us on Pensacola Beach. 'Would have been more awesome had it not rained out the live music, but oh well.

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