Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Carry-on!

My internet was down the other day which forced me to get off the couch and clean house. I still hadn’t done laundry or put away things from my trip home. What I love about summer traveling is how many more outfits you can pack. A few winter sweaters would nearly fill my carry-on duffle bag. But here’s what I could (and did) bring home for my week in Florida. More than I needed? Absolutely. But, if one isn’t paying to check bags, why not have more options? What I crammed into my duffle (my carry-on), my school-size backpack (my “personal item”), and wore on my person to proudly beat the airlines system.

From here . . .

1 straw hat; 1 ball cap
1 canvas cargo jacket (I always get cold on the airplane—only reason I brought it)
1 oversize scarf/wrap (for same reason as above)
1 cardigan to wear for church
1 pair lounge/scrub pants
3 skirts: denim mini-skirt +knee length nylon cargo + long/ beach cover-up etc.
3 t-shirts: one sleeper, two fitted
4 pairs shorts: khaki-cotton, quick-drying sport/nylon, Soffe, and jean cut-offs
4 sleeveless shirts/tanks + tube top
6 pairs footwear:  one pair Sperry’s knockoff’s, two pair sandals, three pair flip-flops
6 dresses: four knee-length/sun dresses + two long summer/halter dresses
13 swim separates

Plus an over the shoulder purse, belt, underwear, full quart of assorted liquids, empty water bottle to fill after security, portable hard drive, camera, jewelry bag, 2 cooking magazines, etc.

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