Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bringing Back the Sunday Hat

Antique store in Lincoln, NE
Etsy's WearableArtz 

A find in Lincoln, NE
Caballobydesign, Etsy

Though the royal wedding had everyone thinking about ladies' hats again, I was more inspired by an awesome antique store in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. It was another marital occasion--my former roommate was about to be wed in 3 hours. I was soo tempted to show up in one of the nostalgic headdresses from this store. Alas, even the best contender was a fixer-upper (with torn netting, etc.). Time was not on my side, nor materials in our hotel room. Since then I discovered Etsy. . . .  (PS I acknowledge that a fascinator is not a hat, but it's a classy start.)

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  1. YAY!! You have a blog!! Of course, I'll be the first one to say it's really lame that I'm commenting your blog when I owe you a PHONE CALL...
    I was at a wedding this weekend where all the stylish foreign women were wearing hats and I felt frumpy in comparison. : )